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Field of Links: Eric Sogard one step away from being ‘Face of MLB’

Feb 27, 2014, 9:19 AM PDT

Let’s be real. Voting for Eric Sogard to be the “Face of MLB” isn’t about baseball. It’s not about the fans’ love of Sogard (although he is quite popular). It’s about proving that anything is possible if people come together. It’s about Oakland Athletics fans showing the establishment they can’t be ignored forever. It’s a sharp kick to the hindquarters of the very people that view A’s fans as second-class citizens, even in their own market.

Sogard isn’t the “face” of Major League Baseball. He isn’t even the “face” of the A’s. How ridiculous is that concept anyways? The face? Really? The A’s are successful because they find a way to get contributions from every last player on the roster. There is no face. Last year, Yoenis Cespedes was bounced in the first round of the “Face of MLB” competition.

Sogard is the face of a fan base that has been pushed around, disrespected by the masses, and overlooked by national media. Now they’re getting revenge by throwing this contest the best way they can — with their computers via social media, clever photoshop images, and smart humor. Like real nerds. And there’s nothing more dangerous than an organized group of cunning people with a chip on their collective shoulder.


(Courtesy: @RallyPlantain on Twitter)

Josh Reddick made the best catch you’ll ever see. Then he did it again.

The Golden State Warriors are wildly inconsistent.

— The 49ers are $15 million under salary cap. What does this mean for Colin Kaepernick?

A clerk at a Richmond liquor store obliterated a robber. I mean, this is a German Suplex that would make Kurt Angle proud.

Field of Links: 

Richie Incognito apparently smashed up his own Ferrari with a bat. He seems like a well-adjusted individual.

Here’s a look at the worst hip check attempt ever.


The Milo Foundation in Point Richmond needs your help. Someone stole a cute puppy from one of their adoption events.


— Speaking of cute puppies… The Brewers adopted a stray dog, and he ran in the Sausage Race on Wednesday.

— We should probably care more about this news: Scientists discovered over 700 new planets.

I could watch this video forever on loop.

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