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Ever wonder where the A’s left field art comes from?

Jun 25, 2013, 5:46 PM PDT

OAKLAND — When you tune into an A’s game, it is hard to miss the elaborate paintings that can often be seen hanging in the left field bleachers. Have you ever wondered where they came from?

They are the works of an Oakland-based artist named Sayra Reyes. She creates the colorful paintings and brings them to the ballpark. It started late last season after attending several games with her family.

“At the time I was painting a lot, but I was painting more of abstract, cubism, and Picasso-type contour paintings,” said Reyes, whose art is regularly on display in the Oakland area. “It just hit me to paint a really nice player that everyone would identify with.”

That player ended up being Rollie Fingers. She drew her inspiration from a shirt design by Oaklandish, a local retailer. Soon thereafter, more paintings of A’s players past and present appeared. The real rallying point came when she brought a painting to the ballpark that was shown on the Comcast SportsNet California broadcast.

“Everyone just responded so positively,” Reyes said.

source:  After Fingers, she painted Yoenis Cespedes and Josh Reddick. The outfield trio was completed with a painting of Coco Crisp. But she didn’t want to focus primarily on the biggest stars on the team.

“What’s very special about Oakland is that every player is valued and every player matters,” Reyes said.

With that in mind, she made a very large painting of Adam Rosales, the A’s super utility infielder. She also painted starting pitcher A.J. Griffin.

Each of her paintings take an average of 20 hours, and she admittedly doesn’t sleep at times, as she often works right up until she has to get ready to go to the game.

Her paintings have caught the eye of fans and A’s players alike. She had a chance to speak with Reddick at A’s Fanfest last February, and Rosales acknowledged her art with a gesture from the field.

Her early works started on plywood and stretch canvas, but now she paints on a canvas that she can roll up and transport more easily.

With legends Rickey Henderson, Ray Fosse, and even a life-like Stomper (the A’s mascot) complete, she says her next paintings are going to be of Brandon Moss and Josh Donaldson.

— To see more of Sayra’s work you can check her out on Facebook and Instagram

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