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What’s up with Doolittle’s pink backpack?

Jun 27, 2013, 12:25 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics reliever Sean Doolittle is being hazed every day by his teammates — and he loves it. Doolittle carries a pink Hello Kitty backpack to the bullpen before each game. Recently, A’s reliever Jerry Blevins, the senior-most member of the bullpen, bought a unicorn backpack that they attached to the existing Hello Kitty bag, forming a Franken-bag of sorts.

“Originally it was going to replace the old one, but the size wasn’t adequate enough,” Blevins said. “Instead of scrapping it, because it’s such a beautiful thing, a unicorn, and you can’t kill a unicorn, I think that might be some type of sin against nature, we had to implement a merging of the two.”

Have you ever wondered what Doolittle keeps in that pink disaster of a backpack? The lefty reliever answers the question in this video.

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