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Throwback Thursday: Bonds joins 500/500 club

Jun 27, 2013, 11:44 AM PDT


On this week a decade ago, Barry Bonds swiped his 500th base, making him the charter member of baseball’s 500/500 club. At 37, Bonds already had 633 home runs, and his 500th stolen base on June 23, 2003 placed him in an ultra-exclusive club that he will likely remain the sole member of forever.

No active player is even close to joining the 500/500 club. Alex Rodriguez, 37, needs 182 more stolen bases. Albert Pujols, 33, needs 18 more home runs and 408 more stolen bases. In fact, there’s only one active player with more than 500 stolen bases, Juan Pierre, with 609, but he is 482 home runs shy.

The milestone moment occurred in the ninth inning with Dodgers closer Eric Gagne on the mound. Moments later, Giants catcher Benito Santiago singled home Bonds to score the game-winning run and beat the Dodgers 3-2 in walk-off fashion.

“I think it’s great, something I hope is going to be around a long time. You never know,” Bonds told “But my dad probably wasn’t here to see it. … He hasn’t stayed a whole game for a long time.”

For Bonds, the day he joined the 500/500 club was memorable for reasons beyond the box score. His father, Bobby Bonds, made a special appearance in the Giants clubhouse before the game.

At the time, the elder Bonds was undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer and had a brain tumor. He passed away two months later on August 23, 2003. He was 57-years-old. He was there for his son on that historic day, and was reportedly watching the game nearby with Barry’s godfather, Willie Mays.

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