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A case of the Mondays: Romo rage, All-Star snubs

Jul 8, 2013, 9:25 AM PDT

There’s always a lot going on during the weekend. If you weren’t lucky enough to spend the past two days on the couch, you can catch up on the top five sports items you may have missed here.

No. 1: Triple-threat match:

On Saturday, Giants closer Sergio Romo blew pitches past the Dodgers. On Sunday, he wasn’t quite as effective and blew off the media after taking a loss. The Bay Area’s scribes were the least of Romo’s concerns. He also drew the ire of Dodgers players Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig.

Our Giants Insider Andrew Baggarly paints the picture:source:

Romo mimicked Ramirez’s “lo viste” hand gesture. The Dodgers responded by showing him the back of theirs. “Yesterday, he struck me out, he controlled Hanley, and he celebrated,” Puig said in Spanish. “Today, it was our turn to celebrate. We were screaming at him, but it wasn’t anything bad.”

Some may disagree that Puig’s actions weren’t anything bad.

He flipped his bat after hitting a single off Romo in the ninth inning, did an exaggerated clap when he reached third, and screamed and shouted toward the mound when he scored on a go-ahead three-run double by A.J. Ellis.

The Dodgers took the weekend series and skipped town with the rivalry renewed.

No. 2: Bay Area All-Snub Team:

The Nation has voted and they don’t see any of the members of the Bay Area’s two baseball teams fit to compete in the Mid-Summer Classic. They may be the defending World Series Champions, but the Giants have zero starters. The reigning American League West Champion A’s – zero starters. It is yet another example of why fan vote should be limited to the final player on each roster, because this time it counts, you guys.

The Giants ended up with a fair share of representatives. Bruce Bochy is the skipper of the National League squad, after all. The A’s, however, got a chilling reminder that no matter how many games they win, they will still be overlooked and underrated.

Their sole All-Star selection (possibly because each team has to have one) was starting pitcher Bartolo Colon. He won’t even pitch in the game. Closer Grant Balfour, who is a perfect 22-for-22 in save opportunities, wasn’t selected or even offered up in MLB’s Final Vote. Balfour will likely replace Colon on the American League roster, but Josh Donaldson appears to have no chance at making the team managed by Detroit Tigers’ skipper Jim Leyland.

“There’s a kid (Donaldson) that got shortchanged, but there’s nothing we could do about it,” Leyland told

No. 3: Kaep caper:: 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick thinks he can put whatever he wants on his head, so long as he keeps putting on that 49ers helmet on Sundays (and sometimes Monday, and Thursday, and maybe even a Saturday).


Kaepernick responded to what was probably an intense amount of fan scrutiny after he was seen wearing a Miami Dolphins hat. At least it wasn’t a Seattle Seahawks lid. Otherwise, he’d be in Keenan Allen territory. Allen, a wide receiver drafted out of Cal by the San Diego Chargers, made headlines in San Diego by posting an Vine “selfie” while wearing a Raiders hat shortly after the draft.

Now that’s something for fans to get worked up about. As far as the 49ers are concerned, the Dolphins are harmeless.

No. 4: A-Baze-ing: Bay Area jockey Russell Baze won his 12,000th race on Sunday, and he did it in dramatic fashion. His horse won by a nose on the final race of the 12-day Alameda County Fair season. Baze, 54, snagged his milestone victory on the back of a 4-year-old filly named Handful of Pearls.

Already a Hall of Fame Jockey, Baze has competed in 50,538 races. He won his first race in 1974 and actually lost his first 12 races.

No. 5: No Spider sense:: A surprise visit by an eight-legged freak might not make your skin crawl as much as watching the latest Anderson “The Spider” Silva fight. Silva was knocked out cold by challenger Chris Wiedman early in the second round of Saturday’s title fight, after spending the entire bout taunting, clowning and showing off.

Silva‘s remarkable 7-year title reign and 17-fight win streak came to an end when he underestimated Wiedman’s reach and took a hard left to the chin. At the time of the knockout blow, Silva had his hands at his waist and he looked like he was doing the Bernie Lean.

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