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Why a Mets fan is rallying support for Bryan Stow

Jul 12, 2013, 9:39 AM PDT

Life-long Mets fan Michael Jawitz is trying to make a point. He believes that all baseball fans should support Bryan Stow and help combat fan violence.

Jawitz, a San Francisco resident who grew up in New York, runs the blog and he’s planning several fundraising efforts to support the Stow family after a 2011 attack following a Giants-Dodgers game left Bryan critically injured.

Jawitz was also that Mets fan at AT&T Park collecting signatures on a poster in support of Stow earlier this week. He plans to deliver the sign to the Stow family soon. 

“Giants fans want to help and if it takes a loud New Yorker to push it along, that’s fine,” said Jawitz, at AT&T Park on Wednesday as the Mets took on the Giants.

Jawitz is brainstorming ways to raise money to support Stow. On his website, he is asking people across the country to forgo one day at the ballpark this season, and to send the cost of the tickets they would have bought to the Stow family. He is also collecting vintage San Francisco Giants baseball cards and art that he will auction off later to raise money.

Jawitz currently isn’t collecting any money on behalf of the Stows. He says he needs to form a non-profit organization first — something he’s in the process of doing. He has also partnered with Bryan’s sister, Erin Collins, confirmed via email that Jawitz has been in touch with them and they support his efforts.

According to the attorney for the Stow family, Bryan will incur over $50 million in medical expenses. They currently have a lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Former Giants slugger Barry Bonds has also agreed to chip in and send both of Stow’s children to college.

Stow is currently at home with his family, but he needs nursing care, which isn’t covered by his insurance. The family posted on their website that he isn’t getting the physical therapy he needs due to a cut in medical coverage. He still needs all the support he can get, and his family will appreciate it no matter which team you root for.

Click to donate to Bryan Stow here

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