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Jed Lowrie, pro ballplayer and travel photographer

Jul 23, 2013, 9:11 AM PDT

Being a professional baseball player is his career, but Lowrie, a Stanford University graduate, spends his time away from the stadium perfecting his photography skills.

The Salem, Oregon native picked up the hobby when he was a kid and rekindled his love for taking pictures in 2009, when he was stuck at home with mononucleosis. Instead of sleeping all day, his doctor recommended that he get outside and he took his camera along with him. Soon thereafter, Lowrie spent the 2010 offseason studying photography, traveling and taking pictures.

“I started reading, doing research, and looking at images that I liked,” Lowrie said. “The great thing about the internet is there’s a lot of galleries online that you can really get a lot of inspiration from.”


Jed Lowrie –

Following suit, Lowrie started his own website to display his work. He says he loves trying to capture the essence of the places he visits. As a Major League Baseball player, he is fortunate enough to have the means to travel to some of the most photogenic spots on the globe. It also helps that his wife, Milessa Muchmore-Lowrie, is a U.S. diplomat and shares his love of travel.

“We travel well together,” Lowrie said. “She really enjoys the fact that I am documenting these trips.”

Soon, the Lowrie family will have a new subject to photograph. They are expecting their first child this December. The soon-to-be proud father already has a new portrait lens ready to go.

When Lowrie needs to pick up some picture-taking tips, he doesn’t have to look too far. Oakland Athletics team photographer Michael Zagaris is one of the most accomplished photo journalists in the region. Zagaris has been taking pictures since the early 70s, and has spent time embedded with the Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Tom Petty, and Carlos Santana (to name a few).

“I look back on that now and I was lucky I survived,” Zagaris said. “I had no idea going in what it was going to be like.”


Lowrie in action through Michael Zagaris’ camera

Now, Zagaris spends most of his time photographing the San Francisco 49ers and A’s. He and Lowrie often spend time talking shop in the A’s clubhouse. As a result, it was a momentous occasion when Zagaris shot his mentee during a recent Athletics Magazine photo shoot.

After Lowrie posed for Zagaris’ legendary lens, the two sat in the dugout and reminisced about some of their favorite shoots, and looked over a book of the photography veteran’s work. They were kind enough to let us in on the act.

Lowrie, 29, still has many good years ahead of him on the baseball field, but photography could be something he pursues after he retires. Both he and Zagaris have been keeping an eye on five-time Cy Young award-winner Randy Johnson’s work. The retired pitcher is making a name for himself as a rock and roll photographer, capturing images of Metallica, KISS, Rush and several other musical acts.

For now, Lowrie is focused on being one of the A’s team leaders as they defend their American League West title. He’ll spend whatever time he has left staring into his viewfinder.

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