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Wondering which 60s songs the A’s players chose for throwback day?

Jul 27, 2013, 12:46 PM PDT

Photo via @Athletics

The Oakland Athletics are rocking gold pants, jerseys and golden oldies as they turn back the clock to 1969 on Saturday. Each player is stepping to the plate to a song from the 60s, but a handful of players actually specifically requested a certain song. Since the oldest A’s player, Bartolo Colon, was born in 1974, none of the players were alive when any of these songs came out. It’s impressive that these guys even knew the names of some of these old-school tracks.

Here’s the list of A’s players that specifically requested a song from the 60s and their selections. The guys that didn’t pick a song will be played to the plate or mound by the Oakland Coliseums’s organist.

Chavez, Jesse Low Rider War start
Crisp, Coco It’s Your Thing The Isley Brothers 0:05
Donaldson, Josh For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield start
Doolittle, Sean Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin start
Freiman, Nate Pinball Wizard The Who 0:30
Milone, Tommy Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater start
Neshek, Pat Time Has Come Today The Chambers Brothers start
Reddick, Josh Surfin’ Bird The Trashmen start
Rosales, Adam Come Together The Beatles start
Sogard, Eric The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens start
Sogard, Eric Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison start
Young, Chris I Got The Feelin’ James Brown 0:50

(Hat tip to A’s manager of player and media relations Adam Loberstein for providing the list)

Is anyone surprised that Josh Reddick chose Surfin’ Bird?

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