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Did Brian Wilson turn heel?

Jul 30, 2013, 4:36 PM PDT

Brian Wilson went from hero to heel in an instant on Tuesday. Much like "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan did when he joined WCW. Dyed black beard and all.

Has Brian Wilson turned heel? He went from a beloved figure in San Francisco, the guy that was on the mound when the city won their first World Series Championship, to a Dodger. He has become “Hollywood” Brian Wilson. Face it, he sort of was already.

He brought a sasquatch to an award show, people. He was eccentric, strange, freakishly bearded, and even dressed as a sea captain for a talk show interview one time. He was beloved in an eclectic city like San Francisco as a Giant, and will surely be detested by the same folks that embraced him if he ends up appearing in Dodgers blue.

Wilson was great for the Giants. In seven seasons he racked up 171 saves and had a 3.21 ERA. It wasn’t his fault his throwing arm broke down and he had to undergo a second “Tommy John” surgery. In fairness, the Giants released him and didn’t extend a formal contract offer. But choosing the Dodgers? That cuts to the core. Check out some of the fan reaction on twitter as the news was breaking.

In a funny development, the term “trader” started getting thrown around a lot at the time the news was breaking.


All hope for civilization wasn’t lost, though. The correctly used term “traitor” also spiked, just not quite as high.


Probably sensing some backlash, Wilson tweeted some kind words to the Giants fans that were upset.

In the end, it’s just business. The Dodgers are in first place, were willing to pay him, and they play in his hometown. How can he not make that decision?

source: AP

Anyone remember this guy? (AP)

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