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Field of Links: Trade deadline hysteria and the worst fist pump ever

Jul 31, 2013, 9:23 AM PDT


How many of you out there are obsessively clicking the refresh button on your browser window, starving for every little trade deadline nugget and morsel?

Take a deep breath. Okay, take another one. Feel better?

Yes, today is Major League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline. It isn’t, however, the real deadline for trades to be made. It just means that after today players will have to pass through waivers before a team can move them. While the hype machine builds and the inevitable flurry of moves occurs, remember, moves can and will still be made.

Two notable moves were made by contenders on Tuesday. Jake Peavy will be changing his sox. And the Oakland Athletics added yet another versatile infielder in Alberto Callaspo, by sending prospect Grant Green to the Angels. Callaspo will be used exactly as they hoped Green would be (until he went 0 for 15 after being called up) in a platoon with Eric Sogard at second base.

Time will tell if the Angels or the Athletics won this trade, but for now, the real winner appears to be A’s prospect Sonny Gray.

Across the Bay Bridge it is obvious the Giants should be sellers. The question is how far they are willing to go? Hunter Pence has been moved in a deadline deal two years in a row, and he is on high alert according to our Giants Insider Andrew Baggarly.

We talked for a bit before batting practice and I told him that it’s a good barometer that so many teams (Reds, Rangers, Yankees, Pirates) have been linked to him. It should give him some idea that he’ll have no shortage of choices when he hits free agency after the season.

“That’s true,” Pence said. “Thanks for cheering me up.”

Field of Links:

— Ladies and gentlemen, the worst fist pump ever *dramatic echo* ever, ever, everrrr.

— If Rickey doesn’t win every race, I quit.

— Unless Rickey is racing this guy.


— One 49er feels very bad for Percy Harvin, who will miss 3-4 months. Or, at least, I think he does.

The Raiders don’t have a go-to wide receiver, or do they?

This guy managed to throw an uppercut at WWE wrestler Randy Orton’s balls and lived to tell about it.

Atlanta Braves players try to imitate Tiger Woods.

— Happy Gilmore is to golf as Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe is to pitching. (That’ll be an SAT question some day.)


  1. baltimorefan33 - Jul 31, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    Great post man! Loved the video of the Astros player stealing home even the I’m a huge Baltimore fan. Yea all I’ve been doing today since waking is refreshing to see who has made last minute trades. Really interested to see if the Orioles make any moves for a DH or pitcher possible Matt Garza, Cliff Lee, or Adam Dunn. Cliff Lee I think will be moved to a team today because the Phillies are just too old and haven’t had enough success.

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