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The 49ers and Levi’s Stadium will protect your trousers

Jul 31, 2013, 8:25 PM PDT

Your pantaloons will be protected when Levi’s Stadium opens. Tired of waiting in long bathroom lines at NFL games? Of course you are. Well, at the new home of the 49ers, you can download an app that will find you the shortest bathroom line.

The same app will also direct you to the most time-efficient beer vendor, so you can repeat the cycle all over again.

Recently, Yahoo! Sports reporter Rand Getlin took a tour of the stadium site, and our media partner made some revealing discoveries.

49ers CEO Jed York will have a massive suite — and deservedly so.

When the 49ers open the 2014 season, they will charge down this walkway.

The beer and bathroom technology will be state of the art, because aside from football, those are the most important things ever. The ability to stream the Red Zone channel is also of the utmost importance. With Fantasy Football glory on the line, one simply does not watch just one football game at a time.

Levi’s Stadium overlooks 49ers headquarters. It serves as a daily reminder to the entire 49ers organization that they aren’t just building a football team, they are building a new empire.

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