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Field of Links: Why you don’t want MLB to kiss A-Rod goodbye

Aug 1, 2013, 9:41 AM PDT


If you are a baseball fan, you shouldn’t be rooting for Alex Rodriguez to get a lifetime ban. That would benefit the Yankees far too much. The Evil Empire is on the hook to pay the controversial former star $86 million dollars over the final four seasons of his contract. That’s enough money for the Yankees to once again ruin the competitive balance of baseball.

They knew what kind of guy Rodriguez was when they signed him to a ridiculous 10-year, $275 million contract through 2017. They should have to eat every penny. One MLB manager is particularly peeved that the Yankees may benefit greatly from A-Rod’s indiscretions.

Speaking of A-Rod and eating, he took a break from negotiating a potential ban and stopped by Hooters to ogle waitresses eat some wings. Rodriguez is one of eight players reportedly waiting for MLB to drop the hammer. Surely, baseball isn’t too thrilled with the fact that the Biogenesis suspensions could have a greater impact on the 2013 season than the non-waiver trade deadline.

Big league players suspended or reportedly facing suspension:  Ryan Braun (MIL), Alex Rodriguez (NYY), Nelson Cruz (TEX), Jhonny Peralta (DET) Evereth Cabrera (SD), Francisco Cervelli (NYY). Four of those players are on contending teams.

Players that have previously served performance-enhancing drug suspensions like Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera and Yasmani Grandal appear to be in the clear.

Colon stopped a reporter in his tracks when he was asked about the pending suspensions on Wednesday. A’s Insider Paul Gutierrez documented the moment.

With reports surfacing that he will not face suspension for his name being linked to the Biogenesis investigation, Colon did not want to celebrate. In fact, he did not want to talk about it at all, interrupting a question in English before the translator could repeat it to Colon in Spanish.

The trade deadline came and went with a thud. The Giants should be happy about that. They have been granted a second chance. They are in an unbelievably deep hole, but they responded to staying together by clobbering the Phillies 9-2 on Wednesday night.

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