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Raiders punter Chris Kluwe could change football as we know it

Aug 2, 2013, 1:22 PM PDT

Raiders punter Chris Kluwe shows off his Google Glass as he reports to Raiders Training Camp in Napa.

Augmented reality is pretty much Raiders punter Chris Kluwe’s wheelhouse. The eccentric athlete loves World Of Warcraft, is a popular author, and a star of social media with over 170,000 Twitter followers. With that in mind, he was exactly the type of person Google was looking for when they opened up an application process to purchase the first batch of Google Glass.

The intuitive glasses that can take pictures, record video, give directions, or search the web, could change the way people live their day-to-day lives. They are currently unavailable, but could be unleashed on the public soon.

“It’s a really cool tech setup, and I’m really excited to have a pair,” said Kluwe, as he reported to Raiders Training Camp in Napa, wearing the high-tech shades.

Kluwe could be on the forefront of a massive shift in the way sports television is viewed. Through his YouTube channel (and with the permission of the Oakland Raiders), he is posting videos of his perspective during practice. It’s a small step, but imagine what looking through a professional athlete’s eyes would be like in a real game. Kluwe is proving the technology already exists to make it happen.

“In the future you’re not just watching from the sidelines or from the floating camera, you’re watching it from the player’s perspective,” Kluwe said. “Four or five years from now, you’ll have that first-person perspective when you’re watching the games.”

Kluwe isn’t the only athlete messing around with Google Glass. Pro tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands wore the glasses¬†as she prepared for Wimbledon, and NBA star Roy Hibbert wore them during a demo on a basketball court. They aren’t just fun to play with. They can be used to breakdown film from a revealing perspective in order to improve your game.

The first batch of Google Glass cost $1,500, but technology analysts believe they will retail for around $500 or less when they are sold to the public.

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