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All the guys that were reportedly getting suspended — got suspended

Aug 5, 2013, 10:27 AM PDT


Welp, it finally happened. MLB suspended the Biogenesis guys. Everyone saw it coming. It just took longer than expected. Twitter still exploded.

Guys that have already served a suspension, like Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, and Yasmani Grandal, received no further punishment.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig had this to say after issuing the suspensions:

“As a social institution with enormous social responsibilities, Baseball must do everything it can to maintain integrity, fairness and a level playing field.  We are committed to working together with players to reiterate that performance-enhancing drugs will not be tolerated in our game.”

Here’s the list of players that will be suspended:

Alex Rodriguez, NYY (211 games)

Ryan Braun, MIL (65 games)

Nelson Cruz, TEX (50 games)

Jhonny Peralta, DET (50 games)

Everth Cabrera, SD (50 games)

Franciso Cervelli, NYY (50 games)

Jesus Montero, SEA (50 games)

Antonio Bastardo, PHI (50 games)

Jordany Veldespin, NYM (50 games)

Sergio Escalona, HOU (50 games)

Cesar Puello, NYM (50 games)

Fautino De Los Santos, SD (50 games)

Fernando Martinez, NYY (50 games)

Jordan Norberto, FA – released by A’s (50 games)

Cesar Carrillo, FA – released by Tigers (100 games)

Good news for the Bay Area, no current A’s or Giants players were suspended this time around. It is perhaps worth noting that several of the suspended players are represented by the same agents. ACES clients on the list include: Cruz, M. Cabrera, Peralta, Montero, De Los Santos, and Puello. Gio Gonzalez, who is also represented by ACES, was listed in the initial documents but he was cleared of wrong doing.

Here are the tweets:

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