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Field of Links: PED users have ‘taken a dump’ on all of us

Aug 6, 2013, 10:18 AM PDT


By now you’re probably all sick of hearing about the Biogenesis suspensions. Like it or not, it was a landmark day in Major League Baseball history. When a story is big enough, it elicits varying reaction across the board. One of the most interesting aspects of the day wasn’t the suspensions themselves, but the way current and former big leaguers reacted to them.

It’s good to see people within the sport speak out against performance-enhancing drug use. The subject often gets swept under the rug.

The strongest take could have come from Comcast SportsNet’s own Mike Krukow. The CSN Giants’ broadcaster commented that Nelson Cruz has “taken a dump” on the Rangers.

Krukow had a bird’s eye view of the Melky Cabrera saga last season in San Francisco and he saw first hand how a suspension from a key player can put a strain on a clubhouse and fan base. The Giants overcame the drama, passed on bringing Cabrera back for the postseason and even won a World Series after the fact. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers handle Cruz when he is eligible to return near the end of the season.

Other baseball players with Bay Area ties also had strong takes. Free agent pitcher, and former Oakland Athletics perfecto-thrower, Dallas Braden, couldn’t resist a chance to taunt Alex Rodriguez on Twitter. They had an infamous feud after the “Stay off my mound!” incident in 2010.

Former A’s pitcher Brad Ziegler — now with the Diamondbacks — was happy that Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch gave up the guilty players, allowing MLB to suspend them.

Free agent pitcher Dan Meyer took it personally. The former A’s pitcher was released by the Phillies in 2011 after Biogenesis client Antonio Bastardo won the final spot on the roster over him.

It’s clearly not just the fans that feel cheated. These guys have “taken a dump” on all of us.

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