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Field of Links: Bay Area’s MLB teams are leaking oil at the wrong time

Aug 7, 2013, 10:25 AM PDT


Both of the Bay Area’s baseball teams are leaking oil. The A’s have lost five of the past six games and the Giants have lost 11 of their last 16. The Oakland Coliseum is already in full-on duel purpose mode with the Oakland Raiders playing their first preseason game on Friday, and the 49ers will be playing at Candlestick Park on Thursday.

Football season has officially arrived. From here on out, the Bay Area’s baseball teams will need to do something to hold the attention of the fans and they are currently struggling in that regard. The A’s are clinging to first place in the American League West, their situation is far less perilous than that of the Giants. It’s likely a matter of time before the powers that be at Third and King St. have to do some serious sorcery to maintain their cherished 221-game sellout streak. The Giants hitters aren’t helping keep fans in the seats. They haven’t even hit a home run at AT&T Park in the last 10 games.

The A’s, meanwhile, just might have dodged a major bullet when Nelson Cruz of the Rangers was popped for PED use and Bartolo Colon wasn’t. A trip to the postseason will cure what ails them and the Raiders might not hold much interest if they get off to a bad start.

On a happier note: Here’s some stuff to click on.

Field of Links:

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After going 0 for 15 with A’s, Grant Green is a suddenly a hitting machine for the Angels.

Colin Kaepernick liked Michael Crabtree because he got open. Will like Anquan Boldin for what he does when he isn’t.

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Red Sox catcher Ryan Lavarnway tied an MLB record for most passed balls.

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source: Getty Images

Getty Images

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Raiders line backer Sio Moore is playing like the ‘quarterback of the defense’ for the Raiders.

You’re killing me Smalls! Lovable Sandlot character headbutts a cop.

 I simply refuse to believe life isn’t really like this for Peyton and Eli Manning.

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