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Field of Links: 49ers snap judgements, Giants given something to play for, A’s are the hunted

Aug 9, 2013, 9:35 AM PDT


It’s impossible to learn too much from an NFL preseason game, but seeing as how it’s the pubic’s first taste of somewhat real football action, people try anyways. With that in mind, here are some snap judgements based on the 49ers first preseason game.

— Colin Kaepernick is unstoppable. He better be. There’s not much behind him at quarterback.

— Anquan Boldin will be a force. He catches the ball when he’s open. He catches the ball when he’s covered. He needs to be fed like a Sumo Wrestler at a sushi buffet.

— A.J. Jenkins was a complete miss with that first round pick last year.

— LaMichael James could be a game-changer. He’s versatile and fast. Excellent change of pace back.

— Phil Dawson can kick in Candlestick Park’s swirling winds.

— Nnamdi Asomugha will be fine.

— Vance McDonald will be able to fill Delanie Walker’s shoes.

— The Broncos will beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, because this was totally a Super Bowl preview, you guys.

It’s natural to jump to conclusions based on a first look at game action. It’s just hard to gauge much of anything too valuable when guys like Frank Gore and Patrick Willis aren’t playing, most of the starters are pulled after one series, and Jim Harbaugh is saving his good stuff for week one. It sure is fun, though.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy delivered a message to his team yesterday and they responded. The Giants are in last place. They are 13 games behind the Dodgers. If it isn’t over yet, it’s pretty close. The veteran skipper asked his players to play for each other and the loyal fans that have packed AT&T Park for every home game the last two season. Bochy wisely gave his guys something to play for, because lately it feels like they aren’t playing for much of anything.

Meanwhile, the A’s are playing for something, but it doesn’t look like it. In a matter of days the Texas Rangers managed to eat the entire six-game lead the A’s had in the American League West. Sound familiar? It happened last season when the A’s toppled Texas after trailing by five games with nine to play. The hunter has become the hunted. And nobody loves hunting more than a Texan.

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Maybe this had something to do with the above statement. (Note the hat tip at the end)


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— Minor League team sets off fireworks before the game ends.

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— Pitcher hits batter, batter throws bat at pitcher. (Warning: NSFW language)

— Don’t troll Dwight Howard on Twitter.


It took me a few tries to read what Howard was saying. Translation: With that face I don’t think you’re getting one (a ring) either.

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