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When rugby champs and baseball champs collide

Aug 9, 2013, 7:31 PM PDT

SFG Productions / MLB

Rugby and baseball are on two very separate ends of the sports spectrum. It was interesting to see what transpired when cultures collided at AT&T Park, as members of New Zealand’s World Champion All Blacks rugby team met with the World Series Champion Giants.

The rugby players booted the ball from home plate and displayed some passing techniques. The baseball players showed off their pitch grips and hitting skills.

One of the most interesting aspects of this video put together by SFG Productions, is seeing Ryan Vogelsong explain his four-seam fastball grip.

 Pablo Sandoval attempting to punt is a close second.


The Kiwis were remarkably proficient with the bats. Conrad Smith, Aaron Smith, Cory Jane and Victor Vito were the All Blacks members on hand. Rugby is New Zealand’s national sport and the first time the All Blacks (the New Zealand national rugby union team) competed was in 1884. The Giants franchise was established in New York in 1883.


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