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Did you know there’s a bowling alley inside AT&T Park?

Aug 12, 2013, 10:01 AM PDT

@Drooshack on Instagram -- Photo taken inside the Gotham Club

Throwing a strike isn’t an act exclusive to the pitchers on the mound when inside AT&T Park in San Francisco. Select fans can also attempt to obtain strikes in an ultra-exclusive two-lane bowling alley on the suite level.

The bowling alley soft launched on Friday and it is part of what the team is calling “The Gotham Club.” In addition to the bowling alley, there’s a bar, pool tables, and game room. If you’re roaming the ballpark, don’t bother trying to find it. It’s behind an obscurely marked door and well guarded.

The only way to get inside is if you are a season ticket holder and a member of a premium club. Anyone that has ever played for the Giants is also automatically a member of the club.


The door outside the Gotham Club.

The Gotham Club and its new bowling alley is just one of three exclusive “Gotham” areas that will be hidden inside the ballpark by next season. Next season the Giants will be building a the “Gotham Clubhouse” somewhere in centerfield. They already have the “Gotham Bullpen” in right field.

The clubs were given their Gotham theme to honor the franchises roots as the New York Gothams back in the 1800s. All three of these areas are supposed to duplicate spots that existed inside the Polo Grounds in New York.

Members of the Gotham Club are given access to the swanky off limits areas inside the ballpark and invitations to special team events.  Field of Teams requested access to the Gotham Club, but was denied permission to go inside and shoot video of the club.

Several members that were lucky enough to get inside took pictures and posted them on Instagram. Here’s a slideshow of those images.

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