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Comic book legend Stan Lee turns Sergio Romo into a superhero

Aug 13, 2013, 10:47 AM PDT

SFG Productions --

The on-the-field product for San Francisco Giants hasn’t been so hot recently, but being the defending World Series Champions has its perks. The Giants recently welcomed legendary comic creator Stan Lee to AT&T Park, and the man that was responsible for the creation of heroes like Spider-man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and many, many more staples in the comic book community, developed a new good guy.

“Maybe his name will be the Silver Slider,” the legendary Stan Lee said in an a-ha moment.

Lee was referring to an illustrated version of Giants closer Sergio Romo.

The creative mind behind many of the most well-known Marvel Comics rationalized his decision by explaining that Romo’s slider is his most valuable weapon. In a video by SFG Productions, Lee seems enamored by the movement on Romo’s out pitch. In Lee’s creative mind it isn’t hard to make a connection between comic book heroes and baseball players.


SFG Productions —

“A superhero never really gives up,” Lee said. “A professional athlete should never give up.”

Superheroes also have to deal with great adversity.

The Giants know all about that. They are currently in last place in the National League West, and a whopping 13.5 games behind the villainous Los Angeles Dodgers and their $216 million payroll.

Can the Giants overcome an impossible deficit to defend their title? Will the Dodgers and their powerful bats destroy San Francisco’s heroes? It will certainly take a super-human effort from the Silver Slider to turn things around.

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