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Field of Links: Alex Smith’s red jersey won’t protect him this time around

Aug 13, 2013, 9:28 AM PDT


Alex Smith’s new red Kansas City Chiefs jersey won’t have the same effects as the trusty red non-contact jersey he used to wear when facing the 49ers defense. For the first time since he was drafted as the first overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft, 49ers defenders will have the opportunity to sack Smith.

“We never got a chance to hit him,” linebacker NoVarro Bowman said with a smirk. “Now we can.”

Even Jim Harbaugh got in on the act, saying that Smith is no longer a trusted agent. The 49ers-Chiefs matchup on Friday will prove to be good theatre for at least a couple of drives as the two most recent quarterbacks to don the red and gold square off.

Vernon Davis used to be Smith’s roommate. Now happily rolling solo, Davis says he is impressed with the new guy under center.

“Now, we get out there and it’s like night and day,” Davis said. “He’s putting balls right there. Man, he’s come a long way. I’m very impressed with Colin right now.”

Davis joked that Kaepernick may have some socks at his place, but his roommate days are officially over.

Speaking of laundry… Oakland Raiders’ first round pick D.J. Hayden can’t wait to shed his non-contact jersey and start mixing it up. The cornerback has been nursing a hamstring injury, but our Raiders Insider reports that Hayden is on track to play the final two preseason games. At this point in the NFL preseason, people are simply hurting to start hitting.

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