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Josh Reddick and WWE star Daniel Bryan exchange words over beard-off

Aug 13, 2013, 2:26 PM PDT

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan ambushed A’s right fielder Josh Reddick on the radio on Tuesday, re-igniting a feud that dates back to March. The hairy situation took place on 95.7 The Game’s weekly “Reddick Report.”

“How dare he,” Bryan said¬†with Reddick on the line. ¬†“What a coward. Josh Reddick, you are a coward. What kind of man shaves his beard in the middle of a beard-off?”

“Thats just emasculating,” Bryan continued to say. “That’s man-scaping. I am offended by your very presence on this radio show.”

The A’s gold glove right fielder refused to back down or admit defeat despite recently trimming up his facial hair.

“I’ll take this moment to apologize,” Reddick said. “I’m sorry that I’ve downgraded myself in the world of masculinity. The big thing is that I have not conceded myself to you yet.”

Clearly unsatisfied with Reddick’s refusal to bow out of the contest graciously, the former World Heavyweight Title-holder fired back. He insisted that Reddick get down on his knees and admit defeat.

Reddick backed off the fired up wrestler by pointing out that he has until December 31, to get his beard back to its majestic shape and form. He still believes he has a shot at taking down the bearded WWE superstar that is currently the no. 1 contender for the WWE Heavyweight Title at Summerslam on Sunday.

“You may have more follicles per square inch than I have,” Bryan said, clearly in admiration of Reddick’s rapid growing ability. “But there’s no way you’ll beat the length that I have.”

Bryan hasn’t trimmed his beard since the start of the beard-off that began in Spring Training when Daniel Bryan issued the challenge on Twitter. Bryan has an unfair advantage, however, as his employers have marketed his grizzled goat look and even made “Respect the Beard” t-shirts.

[REWIND: Reddick and WWE Superstar engage in a beard-off]

Reddick’s facial hair is generally frowned upon in a traditional game like baseball, and he takes a lot of flack from opposing fans for the unkempt looks, and some hometown fans that worry it’s a distraction. But the A’s right fielder is brimming with confidence after slugging five home runs in a span of two games against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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