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Field of Links: Kap gets the GQ Magazine treatment

Aug 14, 2013, 9:20 AM PDT

Cardigan by Levi's Made & Crafted. T-shirt by Nike. Shorts by Nike Pro Combat. Watch by Rolex. -- Courtesy GQ Magazine

Who doesn’t like seeing their favorite macho sports hero in funny, yet fashionable, clothes? Colin Kaepernick became the latest Bay Area sports star to get the GQ Magazine treatment and the results were as predicted — magnificent.

Here’s one of eight photos posted in a slideshow on GQ’s website. It’s hardly Buster Posey in short-pants, but it’ll do. ¬†Kaepernick is shown rocking Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors, Nike Pro Combat, and showing plenty of skin and ink. The 49ers’ franchise quarterback will be donning the cover of the September issue of the magazine.

There’s even a video of Kap wearing some of the outfits while conducting an interview.

Kaepernick, by all accounts, has completely taken over the team as a leader. His teammates say he has improved so dramatically that it’s like “night and day.” It looks like his fashion sense has improved as well. And lets face it, as long as he isn’t wearing a Miami Dolphins hat, the 49ers Faithful will be happy.

At 25, and in his third NFL season, it’s a fair expectation that Kaepernick will continue to improve under center. Last season he threw for 10 touchdowns with only three interceptions, and rushed for 415 yards and five touchdowns. He should be a force for the 49ers, and it looks like he’ll do it in style.

Time for some links.

Field of Links: 

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