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New iPad playbooks enhance communication for Raiders

Aug 14, 2013, 3:20 PM PDT

This message was waiting for Raiders players on the day they reported to camp.

Nothing screams accountability more than a direct message from a coach or teammate with video attached. Both the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers have transitioned to iPad playbooks this season, and the benefits are astounding.

One of the primary perks of ditching the bulky paper playbooks is the direct messaging system. Players can now ask each other questions through instant messages, and if a player is unclear on a specific play, they can get instant assistance.

“I could be anywhere and I could call up some of our video managers,” Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor said. “They can have the stuff sent right to me.”

The ability to break down film instantly from any location with an internet connection goes a long way for a young player like Pryor. Immediate access to advice from team veterans also has an impact.

“They can direct message me and a coach might not see it,” veteran kick returner Josh Cribbs said. “It’s a way that they can save face in front of the coaches. They can ask me for some tips and I can give them to them. It’s all about making our team better, and I think the iPads have assisted.”

It’s easier to ask a question in text form than it is in person, thus preventing an awkward and humbling exchange of advice.

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The technology in the iPads also helps keep team secrets safe. If a player loses a paper playbook, no one knows who ends up with that valuable information. With the iPads, the team can just wipe the memory from the device remotely with the push of a button.

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