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Field Of Links: No sugarcoating struggles of A’s and Giants

Aug 15, 2013, 9:09 AM PDT


The Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants suffered a similarly cruel fate on Wednesday. Each team had victory swiped away from them by the sticky glove of a defender.

The second-place A’s slipped another game behind the Texas Rangers, but it didn’t have to be that way. For the second night in a row, Chris Young smacked what appeared to be a walk-off home run, only to be denied his tasty pie dessert. On Tuesday, the debate was over whether or not Young hit the foul pole with the game on the line. This time there was little debate over where the ball had landed.

The look on Young’s face after being twice robbed of victory is agonizing. He’s hitting a paltry .189 this season and can’t catch a break.

“I’m doing something wrong in life,” Young said with a forced smile. “I need to change.”

The day wasn’t any less miserable for the Giants. Just because they are out of contention, it doesn’t make the way they lost sting any less. Two on, two outs, ninth inning, down by one run, and Hunter Pence rips a ball into the gap — or so he thought. Instead of taking the lead, Denard Span sent them to the showers with sad faces.

“If it’s Candy Land every year, and we win the World Series every year, who’d want to watch?” Pence said. “Not to say we’re out of it. We’re still fighting here. But these situations add character. Humility makes you stronger.”

A’s and Giants fans don’t agree on much, but they’re likely both having trouble sugarcoating the fact that Wednesday sucked on many levels.

The above was heartbreaking, soul-crushing, even. This could be even worse. The Raiders lost their starting left tackle for the foreseeable future. Jared Veldheer is out with a triceps strain. It’s hard to push away attackers when you can’t extend your arm. The Raiders are extremely banged up and the season hasn’t even started. Now they have to worry about Matt Flynn’s blindside.

Bay Area sports fans probably feel a lot like this right now.


Without further ado. Here are you links for the day.

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