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Field of Links: Bochy and Melvin both embrace MLB’s new instant replay rules

Aug 16, 2013, 9:47 AM PDT


Bud Selig may not have the technical capacity to work an email account, but he is about to unleash some far more impactful technology on Major League Baseball. In what Selig dubbed “a historic day,” MLB passed a widely accepted proposal to expand instant replay in 2014.

Under the replay proposal, managers will get up to three challenges per game. The skippers will have one reviewable play before the sixth inning and two more after the seventh inning. The manager won’t lose a replay if his challenge is successful. Balls and strikes will not be reviewable.

The news was met with optimism by both of the Bay Area’s big league skippers.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy told our Insider Andrew Baggarly that his biggest concern might be working out his throwing arm in order to toss a challenge apparatus onto the field.

“However we end up doing it, I think I’ll be fine with it,” Bochy said. “As long as we have a chance to review at least a play or two … I think it’s going to be good for the game. The home run (reviews) have been good for the games and I think the fans enjoy that.”

The A’s have been dealt a fair share of umpire-based frustration this season. In May, umpire Angel Hernandez looked at a clear replay of a ball that Adam Rosales hit for what should have been a ninth-inning home run in Cleveland, and ruled that it was a double, costing the A’s the game.

Instant Replay in baseball is great and all, but until they make a Hernandez proof replay system, there will be skeptics. It sounds like baseball has done that. With the new system, an extra set of eyes in a command center would have had a chance to over turn the botched home run call. With that in mind, A’s manager Bob Melvin is clearly on board according to Paul Gutierrez.

“My stance on that has probably changed in the last year or so,” Melvin said late Thursday morning after hearing about the changes to instant replay. “You want to get it right,” Melvin said. “And I was a little bit of a traditionalist before where there’s human error involved, but as long as everybody’s on the same page with it, where the idea’s to get it right, then I’m all for that.”

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