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Mike Scioscia claims the A’s never taught Grant Green how to bunt

Aug 21, 2013, 4:10 PM PDT


The Oakland Athletics had trouble teaching Grant Green how to play capable defense. They moved him from shortstop, to the outfield, to third base and finally to second base. With all the important stuff they were trying to teach Green, they apparently forgot to teach the first round pick in the 2009 draft how to bunt before trading him to the Angels for Alberto Callaspo.

Or so says Angels manager Mike Scioscia. Hat tip to our friends at Hardball Talk for picking up the following information from Angels beat writer Mike DiGiovanna.

“Oakland never bunted, Green is learning how to bunt,” Scioscia said, clarifying “both” when asked if he meant the A’s never asked Green to bunt or never even taught him how to bunt.

The Angels’ skipper tends to take issue with a lot of minor details, especially when managing a game. Maybe he should worry less about how the A’s handle their business, and more about why his $137,271,250 roster is currently 55-70 and in fourth place.

Hardball Talk also took the time to look up Green’s stats. They prove that Scoscia isn’t correct.

They keep track of sacrifice bunts and Green had 12 of them in the minors, including three this season, which is a lot for a guy who hit well enough (.306 with an .822 OPS for his minor-league career) that bunting was rarely the preferred option. By comparison, Erick Aybar leads the Angels with five sacrifice bunts this season.

It looks like Green can bunt after all. Perhaps he wasn’t taught to the Angels specifications. Green has failed on more than one occasion to lay down a bunt since joining the Angels. He is, however, hitting .304 (14 for 46) with his new team.

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