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Russell Wilson is “Kaepernicking” in Colin Kaepernick’s presence

Aug 26, 2013, 12:18 PM PDT


Colin Kaepernick is becoming a more popular pitch man than Peyton Manning. The 49ers starting quarterback is featured in yet another commercial. This time it’s an EA Sports advertisement for Madden 25. He stars alongside Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

The spot featuring the two breakout quarterbacks paints them as bitter rivals dating back to summer camp, where they fictionally competed as children in the first version of the popular Madden video game franchise. In the commercial, both Kaepernick and Wilson spend the entire camp trying to best each other at the game, then are driven to exceed at football to compete in real life.

Wilson is seen “Kaepernicking” in the face of Kaepernick near the end of the commercial. It looks like Kap gets the upper hand in the game, though. While both players are given overall ratings of 89 in the new Madden game, Kaepernick’s peripheral stats are better.

For fun, here’s how the two quarterbacks stack up against each other in Madden 25.

Madden 25 ratings:

Russell Wilson / Colin Kaepernick

Overall – 89 / 89

Speed – 86 / 88

Strength – 57 / 63

Agility – 90 / 91

Awareness – 76 / 75

Carrying – 74 / 73

Throw Power – 93 / 96

Stamina – 97 / 96

Toughness – 88 / 94

Throw on the run – 89 / 89

Playaction – 75 / 75

Deep Throw Accuracy – 85 / 88

Medium Throw Accuracy – 85 / 83

Short Throw Accuracy – 87 / 86

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