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The story behind this unreal Kaepernick tribute haircut

Sep 3, 2013, 6:21 PM PDT

Courtesy @crevm on Instagram

It’s art. Only the canvas is your head, and you grow the paint yourself.

Tattoos of your favorite team and sports figures can be the ultimate show of support. But jerseys, numbers, and players change. Instead of doing something permanent, why not get something just as showy and detailed for the big game that can grow out by the time that important job interview rolls around?

Check out the unbelievable work of Chris Eliares. This San Francisco based barber is literally turning heads with his hair art.

His latest offering is an elaborate likeness of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Eliares, 28, goes by “Cream The Barber,” and his work has been acknowledged by the 49ers quarterback himself. The haircut in the above tweet was not actually done on Kaepernick, rather a subject from the barber shop. It was done with nothing more than clippers and trimmers, a photograph for a point of reference, and a loyal volunteer.

“This one in particular took about three hours,” Eliares said. “There was a lot of detail to it. You had the portrait, the stadium, the script, there were a lot of elements.”

If you were to walk into The Barber Lounge Barbershop at 854 Folsom in San Francisco, looking for something similar, it would set you back between $50-$100. Eliares says the price varies based on time, detail and color.

“Some people have events to go to and they want something super intricate,” Eliares said.

His first Kaepernick-themed haircut went viral on the internet.  He did it for a Super Bowl-bound client that requested the job.

“That one was one of my favorite ones,” Eliares said. The most recent Kap cut was the vision of the barber, who wanted to do something to honor the final year of Candlestick Park. Eliares brings pride and passion to the barber’s chair. He grew up in San Francisco and has been a 49ers fan his entire life. He doesn’t discriminate by team, however. Check out some of his other work featuring Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors and the San Jose Sharks.

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