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Kaepernick denies rumor that he’s dating USA Soccer star Leroux

Sep 4, 2013, 6:40 PM PDT

Courtesy: ESPN The Magazine

They are in supreme physical condition, both posed for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, share an affinity for tattoos, and at one point, a tweet was sent from one to another. Apparently, that’s enough to ask a TMZ-style question about relationship status during a football interview.

On Wednesday, at 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara, a reporter asked quarterback Colin Kaepernick to address the rumors that he’s dating USA Soccer star Sydney Leroux. Like most of Kaepernick’s answers, it was abrupt. “Not my girlfriend,” he said.

Here’s the tweet that had some people guessing that Kap might soon change his Facebook status from “It’s complicated” to “In a relationship” (does he even have a facebook page?).

Leroux’s Bruins ended up blowing out Kaepernick’s Wolfpack 58-20. He does get he edge on her in one key category, though. Here’s a tweet from last May, proving that she and Kaepernick have been seen together at the same place at the same time.

Again, this still doesn’t mean they are dating. And isn’t that former Kim Kardashian beau Kris Humphries? Kaepernick didn’t respond to the tweet.

Here’s the line of questioning:

On a personal note, there was a lady who scored four goals for team USA’s soccer team last night, Sydney Leroux. There was a report that said you guys were dating.

Kaepernick: “What’s your question?” 

My question is were you watching? Is she your girlfriend?

Kaepernick: “Not my girlfriend. I didn’t see the game. I was working.”

It’s hard to blame anyone for trying to swerve the typically guarded quarterback in a media setting.

Leroux has been linked to Houston Texans defensive end  J.J. Watt in the past, which means a precedent has been set. You know, since we are jumping to conclusions and all.  Here’s some behind the scenes video of Leroux’s ESPN The Magazine Body Issue shoot. For context, yeah. Context, that’s important here.

Ladies, we didn’t forget you. There’s also video of Kap’s photo shoot. The public will be kept guessing while Kaepernick and the 49ers get set to take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. In the meantime, here are some pictures from Leroux’s ESPN photo shoot for research reasons.

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