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Field of Links: Manning did way more than his 7 TDs indicate

Sep 6, 2013, 9:28 AM PDT


Seven touchdowns in a single game sure is great. But Peyton Manning did something much more important on Thursday night. He picked up his teammates.

After a few spectacular blunders, the Broncos routed the defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens 49-27 with the entire nation watching. The team effort was imperfect, but Manning’s effort was impeccable.

Wes Welker muffed a punt that he had no business trying to catch inside the 10 yard line. The Ravens promptly answered with Ray Rice go-ahead touchdown on the next play to make it 14-7.


How did Manning respond? With a touchdown seven plays later to tie the game 14-14. After halftime he threw for three more touchdowns in the third quarter, two of which were to Welker, making it a 35-17 game.

After just one game, Manning’s seven touchdown performance will probably be the best of the entire NFL season, and Danny Trevathan’s blunder will likely go down as the worst. Like DeSean Jackson and Leon Lett before him, Trevathan was more concerned with celebrating than doing his job and dropped the ball before he crossed the goal line.


How did Manning respond?  Two drives later he hit Demaryius Thomas for a 78 yard touchdown that made it 49-27 after the extra point.

Boy, that Peyton Manning sure deserves a lot of credit for his unreal performance, doesn’t he?

Or not. Elway Manning threw for 462 yards and seven touchdowns. It’s a feat that hasn’t been achieved since Joe Kapp did it in 1969, and that only five other NFL quarterbacks have ever done. Even scarier, Manning says the team stumbled out of the gate due to that lightning delay. Could he actually have done better? I guess we’ll never know.

Here are seven hot links. One for each of the Manning touchdown passes that destroyed your chances of winning your fantasy football match up this week.

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