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Erin Andrews’ videobombing guy is at it again

Sep 9, 2013, 1:15 PM PDT

After the 49ers victory over the Packers on Sunday, they cut to their postgame show in New York. That was when we first laid eyes on this magnificent bearded specimen of man. The entire time Erin Andrews was on camera, his face never moved. His sidekick with dreadlocks kept his face locked as well.

As the fantastic image spread across the internet, the bearded videobomber plotted his next course of action.

On Monday morning, he resurfaced during the Today Show on NBC.

It appears his name is Broc Verschoor. He has an instagram account that will hopefully feature many more videobombs. Verschoor, according to his facebook page, is a photographer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His page is set to “private” but on his profile photo his friends are asking him not to forget about the little people now that he’s famous. Indeed, Broc. Don’t forget. As we shall never forget you for the most epic video-bomb in recent memory.

Thank you, Sherwin Viray for going deep on the videobomber story after we posted it on Instagram last night. The videobomber himself is now using the art Viray created on his Facebook and Instagram page. Here’s some more of Viray’s fine work.

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