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UCLA head coach Jim Mora Jr. walks out on press conference

Sep 9, 2013, 7:43 PM PDT

Early Sunday morning, UCLA wide receiver Nick Pasquale was killed in an automobile accident. Head coach Jim Mora Jr. met with the media on Monday in the wake of the heartbreaking news and was doing a good job keeping his emotions in check — until a phone rang.

The call was to a media member attending the press conference. Instead of simply silencing the phone, or politely excusing himself from the room to take the call, that person answered the phone and proceeded to have a conversation.

Mora Jr. didn’t take the interruption too well. The disturbance occurs around the 1:10 mark.

As a member of the media you keep your phone on vibrate during a press conference and you most certainly do not answer the phone if someone calls. If it’s an emergency you get up and walk out of the room. Would you sit in class and talk on the phone with your teacher speaking?

Any professional member of the media would be mortified if their phone rang during an interview session. In addition to it being disrespectful to the person speaking, it ruins the sound bites that all the TV stations are shooting.

Most managers and head coaches would be miffed if something like this happened on a normal day, and Mora Jr. was speaking about one of his players passing away at the moment. All things considered, Mora handled the situation well.

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