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Why Seattle police will be wearing 49ers jerseys on Sunday

Sep 12, 2013, 11:24 AM PDT

This guy could be a Seattle police officer. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

Seattle’s Finest will be donning 49ers jerseys on Sunday. No, it’s not a renegade showing of support for San Francisco’s football team, it’s merely a law enforcement tactic.

Police officers at CenturyLink Field will be undercover posing as 49ers fans in an effort to make sure the “12th man” isn’t being too hostile during the intense rivalry game.

The Seahawks and 49ers will be competing in the marquee matchup of the week, as they are featured on Sunday Night Football. A night game means there will be plenty of time to tailgate and throw back beverages.

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The verbal sparring has already begun between the players on both teams, which is a sign that it will be pretty rowdy in the crowd as well.


The law-enforcement tactic being used by the Seattle police is not an uncommon one in NFL cities. San Francisco police officers often go to Candlestick Park wearing the jerseys of opposing teams in order to spot troublemakers.

The Seahawks currently have some of the loudest and most loyal fans in the NFL. With that in mind, the franchise takes fan behavior seriously. Those who violate the Seahawks fan code of conduct will have to complete an online educational course before they will be allowed back into the stadium and in some extreme cases of bad behavior, Seahawks season tickets may be revoked.

It’s widely known that bad decisions are often made after a few adult beverages, but the Seattle Police Department hopes Seahawks fans will think twice before talking crap to a guy wearing a Kap jersey.

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