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Kaepernick jersey sales drop to 10th in NFL

Sep 16, 2013, 4:01 PM PDT


Sales of the San Francisco 49ers’ no. 7 jersey have dropped to 10th in the NFL. According to Dick’s Sporting Goods and their jersey report, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey accounts for two percent of all jersey sales at their national sporting goods chain after the second week of the NFL season.

As recently as September 2, Kaepernick’s jersey accounted for four percent of the NFL jerseys sold, which ranked ninth on the list.


Here are the most popular players in the league ranked by total jerseys sold over the past week.

Top 10 NFL Jersey sales: (Dicks Sporting Goods)

1. Robert Griffin III, WAS

2. Andrew Luck, IND

3. Peyton Manning, DEN

4. LeSean McCoy, PHI

5. Eli Manning, NYG

6. Ray Rice, BAL

7. Joe Flacco, BAL

8. Victor Cruz, NYG

9. Tom Brady, NE

10. Colin Kaepernick, SF

There are some interesting trends in the data. In the past week, more than 40 percent of all NFL jerseys sold bear the name of a quarterback. Robert Griffin III outsold 29 other teams as a whole and has been the most popular players since the end of the 2012 season.

Here’s how Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers jersey sales stack up against each other over the past 30 days. For what it’s worth, neither team ranks in the top 10 in total sales. The Raiders are the 28th most popular team by jersey sales and Darren McFadden has the highest selling jersey on the team.


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