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Field of Links: Coliseum sewage strikes again

Sep 18, 2013, 9:02 AM PDT

Update: writer Rael Enteen says the sewage problem still isn’t cleared up.

The sewage at the Oakland Coliseum is sort of like the White Walkers in Game of Thrones. Repulsive, deadly, and resurfacing only at convenient moments to drive the storyline.

On Tuesday, the Oakland Athletics defeated the Angels 2-1 in walk-off fashion to drop their magic number to six. They did so while avoiding certain areas of the dugout after sewage bubbled up through the drains. This is the second major sewage-based story this season. The previous one led to both teams sharing the Raiders locker room to shower and the carpets being replaced in the hallways and inside parts of the clubhouse.

The most recent bubble-up pushed the A’s to the top step of the dugout and forced bench coach Chip Hale to crawl across the bench to retrieve the lineup card and pitching notes. This time, it was a minor inconvenience. But it seriously stinks in more ways than one.

“Another Coliseum flub there,” said reliever Jerry Blevins, who described a “pretty good coating” of sewage on the dugout floor when he returned to the dugout after pitching the top of the seventh. Ninth-inning thrills … another A’s victory … a bathroom malfunction. Is there any better way to sum up the experiences of this team over the last two seasons?

The sewage seemed to strike at the perfect time on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, A’s managing general partner Lew Wolff told USA Today that the A’s attendance was “depressing.”

“There is something wrong here,” Wolff was quoted. “You would think that with our lead, people would want to come out, count down the magic numbers, and all that stuff. Even if you’re not a loyal fan, you would think this time of year, where the teams are in the standings, and where every game means something, people would come out.”

The latest stink conveniently helps drive home Wolff’s point and once again puts the A’s stadium dilemma in the national spotlight.

The poop is once again providing the perfect plot device. It’s surprisingly intuitive for a foul mess. On Tuesday, it even got its own Twitter account. Here are some (stool) samples:

It’s unfortunate when the stadium steals all the attention on a day the team wins in a dramatic manner in the heart of a pennant chase. Josh Donaldson emerging as a legitimate MVP candidate and the teams walk-off win should be in the spotlight.

With a playoff berth all but certain, and the tarps coming off the upper decks, the O.Co Coliseum maintenance crew may want to snake the drains in advance.

Time to flush this story and check out some links.

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