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The Great Glove Granny gets a surprise on a national talk show

Sep 18, 2013, 12:38 PM PDT


After making the catch of a lifetime, the Great Glove Granny is going national.

Santa Rosa resident Virginia Smith captured the attention of the Bay Area when she made a slick catch that was caught by Comcast SportsNet’s cameras at a Giants game on September 10. Since then, Smith, a 78-year-old great grandmother, has been featured on Giants Postgame Live, all over the internet, and on Wednesday, she appeared as a guest on NBC’s nationally televised talk show “Bethenny.”

Smith had the glove and ball with her when she appeared on the show. Bethenny, the show’s host, surprised Smith with World Series tickets during the segment. It’s too bad she won’t be able to watch her Giants in the Fall Classic.


Courtesy: “Bethenny”

The video for the segment isn’t online yet, but you can watch Smith’s interview with Greg Papa that took place shortly after she made the catch while we track down the clip.

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