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Field of Links: Oakland Coliseum metal detectors set for baseball debut, etc.

Sep 19, 2013, 9:51 AM PDT


The Oakland Coliseum metal detectors will make their baseball debut today. Add that to the list of non-baseball stories that have been oozing out of the ballpark in Oakland. Fans are encouraged to arrive early as the new security procedures get under way.

The A’s should be one of the best stories in baseball, instead, they are being overshadowed by sewage, tarps, safety devices, and comments about attendance.

As wrong as the off-the-field stories are, it’s all right on the field for the A’s. Even after blowing a two-run lead in the ninth and eventually losing 5-4 to the Angels in extra innings, the A’s magic number to clinch the American League West still dropped to five. They have four games remaining on the final homestand, all against the lowly Minnesota Twins.

The magic number for a playoff berth of any kind for the A’s is four. It remains a possibility the team can hose the Oakland Coliseum off with champagne in front of the deserving fans that have been there all year. Now, that’s a story involving a mop that people actually want to hear about.

Time to mop up this post with your most clickable links of the day.

Field of Links: 

Andre Iguodala doesn’t like to be called “Iggy.”

There’s no way Matt Cain was going to shut it down.

Lew Wolff stands by his comments that criticized A’s attendance.

— Both Bay Area closers blew a save on Wednesday. Luckily, that doesn’t happen much around these parts.

— Alcides Escobar plays possum, steals home.


— Brick honoring Aaron Hernandez has been cemented over.

The Great Glove Granny was surprised on a national talk show.

Mike Stanton crushed a baseball to another planet… Planet Hoagie.

News anchor thinks a stack of printer paper is an Ipad.

This Fresh Prince goalie mask is, well, fresh.


SLIDESHOW: Red Sox offered $1 tickets to males and females with beards.

Football is totally safe, you guys. (Look for the guy flipping through the air at the top of the screen)

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