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Video: Harbaugh and Luck face off in one man’s hair

Sep 21, 2013, 1:45 PM PDT

Jerseys are too temporary and tattoos are too permanent. With that in mind, Chris Eliares has found the perfect medium. The Dublin-based barber has refined the art of cutting any design into a subject’s hair.

His latest work is to commemorate Sunday’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts, in which coach Jim Harbaugh takes on the quarterback he helped mold into a star,  Andrew Luck. Harbaugh recruited Luck to play for him at Stanford University, and they have moved on to become two of the NFL’s most well-known faces.


Harbaugh vs. Luck

Now, those faces are shaved onto the head of Eliares’ life-long friend (and hair model) Danny Bendana.

“I’m basically like a walking billboard,” Bendana said. “It’s fun. Especially because it’s not permanent and it grows out in a week or two.”

The most incredible aspect of what Eliares does, is that he can do it all on the fly. Once he decided upon a Harbaugh-Luck matchup haircut, all he did was google an image of each on his cell phone and seconds later the buzzer was flipped on and hair was falling to the floor.

The Harbaugh-Luck cut took around two and a half hours. It had a high degree of difficulty because it was two jobs in one.

“I’d definitely put it in my top five, easy,” Eliares said. “The Kaepernicking one is going to be hard to top, but then this one goes right up there.”

The San Francisco native gained attention when he decided to shave Steve Jobs’ likeness onto Bendana’s head. The hairdo was done in memory of the iconic Apple CEO, who had recently passed away.


Nearly two years later, Eliares, 28, has completed several works of hair art. He has done dos in the image of Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis, Tom Brady, E-40, Steph Curry, The Rock, Bay Area sports logos and many more. The Kaepernick and E-40 cuts actually caught the attention of the subjects themselves and went viral online.

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His elaborate haircuts take up to three hours depending on the amount of detail and cost around $50-$100. He doesn’t require much prep time, if any, so you can pretty much walk into his shop with any crazy idea on your mind and he’ll put it on your head.

Eliares, who also goes by the name “CREAM,” is a father of three and an artist to many. He’s recently relocated to Teague’s Barber Shop in Dublin to be closer to home. He previously worked in downtown San Francisco.

See some of Eliares’ work here: 


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