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Giants fans have a new toy to play with at AT&T Park

Sep 25, 2013, 4:31 PM PDT

Giants fans have a new toy to play with at AT&T Park. In addition to the hidden bowling alley, the digital cafe, the Coca-Cola bottle slide, and the cable car on the right field arcade, fans will now be able to pull out their mobile devices and upgrade their seats.

Starting tonight, Pogoseat will offer a service through the At The Ballpark app, that allows fans to upgrade their tickets. The Oakland Athletics have been offering the same seat upgrade feature since April. In fairness, they’ve had a few more seats available this season.

The feature can be used from the time gates open through the fifth inning. Fans will have to pay the difference in purchase price between the seats, with a minimal fee of $10. There’s a feature inside the app that shows which seats are available.

It could also be a crafty way to sneak around the ballpark and get a free seat upgrade after the fifth inning — as long as the ushers don’t notice.*

* Field of Teams in no way condones this activity. Do so at your own risk. But, seriously, it’s a clever idea isn’t it?

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