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Pence wants to teach his awkward baseball style to your kids

Sep 26, 2013, 1:15 PM PDT

Do you want to learn how to run like you’re in an earthquake, throw like you don’t have an elbow, or hit like a hungry man chasing a taco? Then Hunter’s Hitters is for you.

From the man that brought you this:                                            And this:

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Comes Hunter Pence’s new youth baseball camp Hunter’s Hitters.

“As you can tell, learning baseball for me was ugly and terribly awkward, but I succeeded and I want the same thing for your kids,” Pence says in this hilarious spoof video.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter what the Giants have to pay Pence, just get it done. The community needs this guy around to produce the next batch of awkward Bay Area stars.


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