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Andrew Bogut caught on camera pulling pranks at Warriors Media Day

Sep 28, 2013, 10:27 AM PDT

For a big man, Andrew Bogut is awfully sneaky. The Warriors’ center showed off his sense of humor at media day by pranking several of his teammates. Stephen Curry got the worst of it.

During Curry’s interview session, Bogut waited until someone asked a question about him, then grabbed a recorder from a media member and shimmied his way into the scrum. Positioned behind Curry, he moved the recorder closer and closer to Curry’s face until it was practically inside his mouth.

source:  At that point, Curry got suspicious, but still didn’t know that it was the big Aussie playing a trick on him. After the laughs gave it away, Bogut fired off a question to Curry about his new Under Armor contract.

After pranking Curry, he moved on to mess with forward Harrison Barnes and guard Kent Bazemore.

“That was great,” Bogut said. “You’ve just got to change things up and lighten things up a bit, because you guys weren’t asking the tough questions.”

Bogut believes keeping it light is one of the keys to success. The Warriors are no strangers to pranks. Last season, they filled Bazemore’s car with popcorn.

Bogut also personally removed the wheels from center Festus Ezeli’s car last year.

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