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49ers’ new stadium reaches a major milestone

Oct 1, 2013, 7:15 PM PDT


The first seats have been installed at Levi’s Stadium. There were even 49ers fans on hand to be the first to sit in them.

It was a milestone moment for the 49ers and the construction crew that has been working on the facility since April 19, 2012. Workers adorned with hardhats, bright orange mesh vests and safety goggles pulled new seats from boxes and bolted them in place, before allowing Miranda and Steven Margheim, two longtime season ticket holders, to take their seats.

Miranda, a fan of the 49ers since the Kezar Stadium days, joked that the new seats didn’t leave her with splinters in her butt. In other words, she approves. 49ers COO Paraag Marathe looked on in amusement as Miranda and her son, Steven, mimicked jumping out of their seats in excitement.


The seats were manufactured in Hayward and installed in the lower bowl. Levi’s Stadium will hold 68,500 fans for NFL events and the lower section will seat 45,000 of those fans. From the concrete area where the 50 yard line will soon be located, it is easy to envision just how close those seats will be to the action.

The 49ers also plan to give fans plenty of reasons not to leave those new seats. Marathe says the 49ers will have wireless internet access that reaches every seat in the house and claims it will be up to 40-times faster than the internet at any other stadium.

The internet access will allow fans to do myriad of innovative things while sitting — like checking beer and bathroom lines from your phone.

“There’s in-seat delivery for everybody in the building,” Marathe said. “Being able to order a beer or hamburger to your seat, or even a (Colin) Kaepernick jersey, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether it’s watching video replays, checking stats, seeing where your friends are sitting, it all starts with having a software driven stadium.”

The 49ers new stadium is about 75 percent complete. It will take 17,000 man-hours and over 20 miles of railing to get all of the seats bolted in place.

Sit tight. It will all be ready soon.

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