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The A’s were the most cost-efficient winning team in baseball

Oct 1, 2013, 1:40 PM PDT

Nobody got more bang for their buck than the Oakland Athletics did in 2013. For a second season in a row, they were the most cost-efficient winning team in Major League Baseball.

As frequently as fans check the MLB standings, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the A’s front office kept an equally close eye on MLB’s cost-per-win rankings.

According to this awesome interactive chart by Ryan Sleeper, the A’s spent $631,922 per win. They were one of three teams that finished in the bottom 10 in payroll and the top 10 in wins. The Indians and Rays were the other two teams to pull it off.


The Astros spent $432,600 per win and the Marlins spent about $586,160, but neither team did much winning. Therefore, they weren’t really very efficient. Over at the site, you can see how well each team did with their payroll. It’s a pretty fun way to kill a few minutes.

You can also get in a good laugh at the Yankees expense. They spent $2,692,182 per win and didn’t make the playoffs.

Here are the rest of the A’s stats from 


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