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Roy Steele narrates phenomenal ‘This is Oakland’ video

Oct 2, 2013, 2:32 PM PDT


UPDATE: pulled the video offline. There has been no explanation as to why. If we find some details we’ll pass them along. 

Roy Steele became known as “The Voice of God” because of the way his voice boomed from the Oakland Coliseum speakers and echoed through the thick cement structure.

He may know the A’s home better than anyone on the planet. He announced the A’s first game in 1968 and only missed five games in a stretch of 38 years before having to step down due to a throat ailment prior to the 2006 season.

Steele, 80, has only been able to return for a handful of games and the occasional ceremony. Now, fans can once again listen to the legendary announcer, as he lends his voice to a special postseason trailer for the A’s.

The 2:08 video featuring Steele’s vocal stylings is a tribute to the Oakland Coliseum. It presents the old stadium in a manner in which only an A’s fan can understand. The video shows historical footage of some of the A’s great championship teams cross cut with different slow panning views of the stadium.

If you’re an A’s fan, or have ever been to a baseball game in Oakland, it is worth a watch. Good luck not getting chills.

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