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A behind-the-scenes tour of the 49ers’ new stadium

Oct 2, 2013, 3:47 PM PDT

The 49ers’ new stadium is going up so fast that it looks different at nearly every glance. Construction started in April of 2012, and thanks to over 5,000 individual workers operating massive pieces of construction equipment, the stadium is really starting to take shape.

On Tuesday, they placed the first of the 68,500 seats in the stadium. After holding a ceremony, 49ers project executive Jack Hill gave a special guided tour of the facility that included the main concourse, 49ers locker room, East Legends Club and field. Field of Teams documented the entire behind-the-scenes tour.

Levi’s Stadium will be one of the most high-tech stadiums in the world when it opens, but before the fancy gear can be implemented, the core work needs to be completed. Right now, the stadium is a shell of what it truly will become. Frames and structures are in place, but nothing is finished.

The construction is on schedule and expected to be finished well before the 2014 NFL season.

Once the project is complete, 49ers chief operating officer Paraag Marathe says that every fan in the stadium will be able to order anything from the restaurants or team shops and it will be delivered right to their seats. Every fan in the stadium will have high-speed internet that will allow fans to see which bathrooms and concession stands have the shortest lines, see video highlights and stats.

It is also the first professional stadium that will open with LEED certification. There will be a green living roof atop the suite level, and there are solar panels located above the walkways and bridges. The clean energy will offset the power used during game days.

Since the stadium is located close to neighborhoods and businesses, it is built to hold sound in and could be one of the loudest venues in the league. Look out Seattle.

Levi’s Stadium South Entrance: 

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Levi’s Stadium Lower Bowl:

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Levi’s Stadium Main Concourse: 

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49ers Locker Room: 

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The East Legends Club: 

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Some of the finer details:

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Stadium Views: 

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