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TBT: Rating the signature songs of our Bay Area sports teams

Oct 3, 2013, 5:45 PM PDT

Barry Bonds dressed as Paula Abdul for "Giants Idol" in Spring Training of 2007 (Ben Margot / AP)

The Bay Area is rich in culture. Musical acts like Metallica, Green Day, Huey Lewis and the News, Grateful Dead, Journey and many more have local ties. In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we’re throwing it back to some songs from Bay Area sports history that we may not hold as high in regard.

In the spirit of the old Giants’ American Idol, you know, the one where Barry Bonds dressed up as Paula Abdul, we’ll list a choice lyric and rate each song then turn it over to the audience to decide which is the best.

San Francisco Giants KSFO Open “Bye Bye Baby” (1962): This song was originally used to open Giants radio broadcasts. “Bye bye baby,” was the signature home run call of Giants’ broadcaster Russ Hodges. Choice Lyrics: “History’s in the making at Candlestick Park. Cheer for the batter and light the spark!” Barry Bonds Abdul rating: 7 – Historical, significant, stood the test of time, but no Giants actual perform the song.

The San Francisco 49ers sing “We’re the 49ers” (1984): Did you know Randy Jackson actually played bass on this song? Choice Lyrics: “We don’t take no stuff, everybody knows that we’re too tough.” Barry Bonds Abdul rating: 5 – The 49ers perform in the song. It’s desperately lacking one of those cheesy ensemble music videos.

The Oakland Raiders rap “Silver and Black Attack”- (1986): Howie Long steals the show with his slick flow. Choice Lyrics: “This Long is not short on quarterback sacks and I love to sit on those running backs.” Barry Bonds Abdul rating: 10 – The Oakland Raiders rap! They dance. They have the whole cheesy 80s video thing down.

A’s shoot music video for ATM & IMD’s “Bernie Lean” (2012): Coco Crisp is reanimated as a corpse after getting hit in the head by a fly ball. Choice Lyrics: “I did my Bernie Lean in a Walgreens, seen a cute girl with a nose ring.” Barry Bonds Abdul rating: 5 – The song is catchy and it is still used to hype the crowd at A’s games. The A’s did a solid job with the music video, but it needs some Coco Crisp raps. 

What say you? Time to vote. We’ll have Ryan Seacrest Brodie Brazil read the winners after the commercial break. (There’s not really a commercial break) (Why are you still reading this?)

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