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Oakland Coliseum’s MLB to NFL conversion in one time-lapse video

Oct 7, 2013, 3:39 PM PDT

The specific details of the work were shared in a release from Coliseum director of marketing, Kate Girotti:

At 9:31 PM a crew of more than 400 workers began the task of reconfiguring Coliseum from back to back baseball games to an NFL ready stadium.  The conversion was deemed “complete” at 3:00 PM and ready for pre-game warm ups and other rehearsals.

The overnight conversion, which was the 13th time the stadium conversion that has taken place since 2011, began at approximately 9:35 PM on Saturday, October 5th and was complete in just 17 hours, ending at 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 6th.

Conversion is a detailed process that involves relocating the pitching mounds to secure areas inside Coliseum, installing 6,679 seats, removing the foul poles and installing goal posts as well as paining the field and rebranding the stadium.


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