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Oakland Athletics offseason roster cheat sheet

Oct 11, 2013, 2:06 PM PDT

Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Athletics season ended on Thursday night after losing Game 5 of the American League Division Series to the Detroit Tigers. After winning 96 games and the American League West for second consecutive season, the bulk of the A’s roster will be back for 2014.

A’s general manager Billy Beane is know for wheeling and dealing, but he has a young and talented roster full of cost-controlled players. Here’s a handy cheat sheet for the offseason that details the contract status of some of the A’s key players.

For full contract information, check out Cot’s Baseball Contacts.

Free Agents:

Grant Balfour

Bartolo Colon

Players with Options:

Coco Crisp – Club option for 2014 ($7.5 million – expected to be picked up)

Brett Anderson – Club option for 2014 ($8 million – expected to be picked up) and 2015 ($12 million)

Chris Young – Club option for 2014 ($11 million with a $1.5 million buyout)

Kurt Suzuki – Club option for 2014 ($8.5 million with a $650 thousand buyout)

Notable Players By Free Agent Year (Data from Cot’s Baseball Contracts and Baseball Reference): 

Jed Lowrie (2015)

Seth Smith (2015)

Alberto Callaspo (2015)

Yoenis Cespedes (2016)

Jerry Blevins (2016)

Brandon Moss (2017)

Josh Reddick (2017)

Jemile Weeks (2018)

Jarrod Parker (2018)

Ryan Cook (2018)

Josh Donaldson (2019)

Dan Otero (2019)

Sonny Gray (2019)

Dan Straily (2019)

A.J. Griffin (2019)

Sean Doolittle (2019)

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