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Field of Links: Waking up with the Warriors, Sonny Gray surprises doctors

Oct 18, 2013, 9:35 AM PDT

The Golden State Warriors’ Global Games tour came to a close with a 115-89 preseason victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. The game was televised live locally at 4:30 a.m., but that didn’t deter the fans. Props to the people that woke up crazy early (or just didn’t go to sleep) to watch the game broadcast from Shanghai, China. Here are some of the many Authentic Fan pictures from Instagram.

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(From top left to bottom right: gamerbabe356baseballchck02dominicdinhethornally)

— Oakland Athletics pitcher Sonny Gray showed flashes of brilliance in the postseason, then flashed his bits in the operating room. At least his left thumb is now fixed.

We can all learn from Mr. Gray. Remember, no matter what part of your body is being operated on, you need to wear underwear.


— The San Jose Sharks’ pursuit of perfection came to an end when the Dallas Stars defeated them 4-3 in a shootout. The Sharks blew three different one-goal leads. The men in teal weren’t pleased, but they still got a point. Through seven games, 6-0-1 is a heck of a start.

— Upon clicking this video, you’ll see a grown man crying in a San Jose Sharks sweater. Stick with it. The raw emotion and legitimate concern expressed by this guy make sense in the end.

— BART is on strike again. You can monitor the situation here.

Field of Links:

The Golden State Warriors debuted a new commercial this morning on Comcast SportsNet. This is our favorite part.


— Cuban slugger Jose Abreu is reportedly inking a deal with the White Sox. The Giants were rumored to have been interested.

Grumpy Cat won a lifetime achievement award and couldn’t have cared less.

source: AP

John Minchillo / AP Images for Friskies

— This dog really hates Mountain Dew… So not extreme.

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito won Throwback Thursday.

— The Brooklyn Nets do something called “The Cookie Dance.” It’s exactly as strange as it sounds.


These three idiots destroyed a centuries-old rock formation in Utah for fun. Unfortunately, the large rock rolled away from them when it toppled over.

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